Mater Collects is here..

Mater Collects, the brand new site from Mater, has just launched

Mater launched in early 2022 as a research platform and digital space. Supported through public funding from Arts Council England we were able to commission 15 pieces of writing from researchers exploring the theme of materials in innovative and exciting ways.

Now, six months later, we are launching a sister platform. Mater Collects is and online space selling work directly from the studio of some of the artists whose research we have commissioned. The debut collection features Hannah Rowan, Tessa Silva and Robin Sullivan, who have created a number of works exclusively for Mater Collects, including multiples, works on paper, vases, bowls, and sculptures.

A percentage of all Mater Collects sales will go towards the commissioning of exclusive and groundbreaking new texts for Mater, so we can continue to invest in ideas.

The Artists:

Hannah Rowan Notions of the vessel, tactility, material transformation and permeability flow through Hannah Rowan’s Mater Collects series, which includes works on paper and hand-built ceramics. The series of works are inspired by vessels and aquatic life forms of bivalve molluscs and octopus tentacles. Hannah Rowan's work explores the slippery complexities of water that draws together a liquid relationship between the human body and geological and ecological systems. She uses a range of media including sculpture, installation, performance, video and sound to investigate the ephemerality and flux of materials that transmute into other forms. She is interested in exploring notions of bodies of water, vessels, animacy of matter and the temporal transformation of materials. She often works with water to catalyse transformation and visualize a continual state of becoming. Her work is informed by a Hydrofeminst perspective to understand all bodies of water as interconnected, aquatic entities weaving throughout her work suggest an intimacy and relationality across bodies of water.

Robin Sullivan Robin Sullivan creates works spanning artforms, from public programmes across entire landscapes; to one-off large scale ceramic firings; intimate dining events, to expansive bodies of research. Robin’s unrestricted approach to art comes from their ability to trust in their process, discovering the best way to make physical a thought, feeling or story. These pieces, presented for the first time by Mater, have been inspired by their decade long investigation of the prehistoric south west. For Robin they are a more intimate, poetic response, the result of a dialogue formed between the research, the materials and their own lived experience as a queer neurodiverse artist. Here is a collection of objects for the home, with a hint of something heavier afoot.

Tessa Silva Tessa Silva is a British-Brazilian visual artist, with an interest in the impact of materials on society and what they can reveal anthropologically. Mater Collects share pieces from Tessa Silva's series ‘Feminised Protein’. The work is a study into the use of milk proteins as a material for the handcrafted production of fine objects. Tessa’s research and exploration prompts the inspection of our material culture retrospectively and prospectively, using craft as a tool to explore the relationship between humans and animals; particularly the female mammals role in a patriarchal social and cultural structure. The project has been exhibited at institutions such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna, and Madrid’s cultural centre at Palacio de Cibeles.