Mater is a research platform exploring materials.

Mater is the curatorial project of Maddie Rose Hills

Mater is a live research project exploring materials. Supported using public funding from Arts Council England, Mater has so far commissioned 15 artists, writers, philosophers, seed keepers and more to produce new pieces of writing which can be read here.

We have now launched Mater Collects, an extension of the project, which is a platform selling work directly from the studio of artists. A percentage of all sales will go towards the commissioning of exclusive and groundbreaking new texts for Mater.

Website design & build by Victor Hwang:

“Often the internet is treated as a neutral medium for delivering content – but it has a shape and grain just like any other material. With Mater I’m hoping to expose that materiality. Like any form of construction, getting to grips with the material is a necessary step to making something that’s ecologically conscious.”

Considerations that keep Mater’s ecological footprint low —

Past events

The live launch: Maddie Rose Hills in conversation with Jareh Das, Hannah Rowan and Victor Hwang

Matthew Rowe in conversation with Elena Khurtova and Shahpour Pouyan

Presentations and Q&A with Heather Barnett, Christian Keeve, Robin James Sullivan

Esther Leslie in conversation with Tessa Silva & Pei-Ying Lin

Chapter One: Mater commissioned 15 pieces of research, drawing together words, conversations, sound bites & images that shift perspectives and decentralise notions of power. Mater sheds new light on material research, zooming into microbial, cellular and insect life, new and old technologies, and material-centred stories. Mater rethinks how we engage with materials, and highlights why this research is now more important than ever.


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Special thanks to collaborators FAD Magazine and QUAD

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