Mater is a research platform exploring materials.

Mater is the curatorial project of Maddie Rose Hills

Mater is a live research project, speaking to artists, researchers, writers, philosophers, seed keepers, each engaging with materials in unique ways.

Website design & build by Victor Hwang:

“Often the internet is treated as a neutral medium for delivering content – but it has a shape and grain just like any other material. With Mater I’m hoping to expose that materiality. Like any form of construction, getting to grips with the material is a necessary step to making something that’s ecologically conscious.”

Considerations that keep Mater’s ecological footprint low —

Past events

The live launch: Maddie Rose Hills in conversation with Jareh Das, Hannah Rowan and Victor Hwang

Matthew Rowe in conversation with Elena Khurtova and Shahpour Pouyan

Presentations and Q&A with Heather Barnett, Christian Keeve, Robin James Sullivan

Esther Leslie in conversation with Tessa Silva & Pei-Ying Lin

Chapter One: Mater commissioned 15 pieces of research, drawing together words, conversations, sound bites & images that shift perspectives and decentralise notions of power. Mater sheds new light on material research, zooming into microbial, cellular and insect life, new and old technologies, and material-centred stories. Mater rethinks how we engage with materials, and highlights why this research is now more important than ever.


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Special thanks to collaborators FAD Magazine and QUAD

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